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Structural Steel H Beam

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Product Brochure
Beam ShapeH Beam
MaterialMild Steel
Length6 meter & 12 meter
Country of OriginMade in India

Structural Steel H Beam
The Structural Steel H Beam is a vital component in construction projects, known for its robustness and load-bearing capabilities. Fabricated from high-quality steel, the Structural Steel H Beam is designed to withstand significant vertical and horizontal loads, providing essential support in various structures such as buildings, bridges, and industrial facilities.

Structural Steel H Beams are characterized by their distinctive H-shaped cross-section, which ensures optimal distribution of weight and forces. This design enhances structural stability and minimizes deflection, contributing to the overall safety and longevity of the structure.

Applications for Structural Steel H Beams are diverse and encompass a wide range of construction projects. They are commonly used as primary structural elements in building frames, supporting floors, roofs, and walls. Additionally, Structural Steel H Beams find application in bridge construction, where they support the bridge deck and facilitate spanning distances.

In industrial settings, Structural Steel H Beams are utilized for constructing mezzanine floors, equipment platforms, and support structures for heavy machinery. They also play a crucial role in infrastructure projects, such as airports, seaports, and railway stations, providing essential structural support.

Structural Steel H Beams are indispensable components in modern construction practices, offering strength, durability, and versatility across a multitude of applications. Their ability to withstand heavy loads and resist deformation makes them a preferred choice for engineers and architects seeking reliable structural solutions.

MS Universal Column

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Product Brochure
DimensionUC 152 mm x 152 mm to UC 356 mm x 368 mm
Usage/ApplicationStructural steel purposes
Country of OriginMade in India

Minimum order quantity: 1000 Kg

एम एस युनिवर्सल कॉलम्न 
The MS Universal Column, made from robust mild steel, stands as a versatile and indispensable structural element in various construction projects. Renowned for its strength and durability, this column provides essential support and stability, serving as a backbone for buildings, bridges, and infrastructure.

In construction, MS Universal Columns are utilized as load-bearing members, offering structural integrity and ensuring the stability of frameworks under heavy loads. Their adaptability allows for seamless integration into architectural designs, providing both functional support and aesthetic appeal.

Moreover, MS Universal Columns play a vital role in diverse applications, including residential, commercial, and industrial projects. Whether employed as primary support structures or secondary reinforcement, they demonstrate reliability and longevity, making them a cornerstone material in modern construction practices. Overall, MS Universal Columns exemplify durability, versatility, and strength, serving as critical components in construction projects worldwide.

Steel Hollow Sections

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Product Brochure
Model Name/NumberSteel section
Surface TreatmentPolished
I Deal InNew Only

स्टील होलो सेक्शन्स  
Steel Hollow Sections, also known as structural steel tubes, are versatile components used in construction and engineering. Steel Hollow Sections offer high strength, durability, and ease of fabrication. With various shapes and sizes available.
Steel Hollow Sections are suitable for a wide range of applications including buildings, bridges, machinery, and architectural features. Steel Hollow Sections are cost-effective, aesthetically appealing, and contribute to sustainable construction practices through recyclability.

Mild Steel Universal Beam

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Product Brochure
Surface TreatmentMS
Country of OriginMade in India

मायल्ड स्टील युनिवर्सल बीम 
Mild Steel Universal Beam:
A Mild Steel Universal Beam (UB) is a structural steel member with a wide-flanged "I" shape. It's made from low-carbon steel, offering strength and versatility for various construction projects. Key features include:

1. **Versatility**: Suitable for residential, commercial, and industrial applications.

2. **Strength and Durability**: Provides structural stability under heavy loads.

3. **Ease of Fabrication**: Allows for efficient cutting, welding, and shaping.

4. **Standard Sizes**: Available in industry-standard sizes for easy integration.

5. **Cost-Effectiveness**: Affordable option without compromising quality.

6. **Applications**: Used in building construction, bridges, industrial facilities, and residential projects.
In summary, Mild Steel Universal Beams are essential components for strong, cost-effective structural solutions in construction.


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